We either know it as a fruit, nut or even a seed. No matter what we call it but the fact is that a Coconut surpasses all our expectations when it comes to supplementing the body with minerals, nutrients and vitamins. But unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the goodies that a coconut holds and hence underestimate it and keep it away from our diet. Let’s throw some light on the richness that a coconut preserves in it.

  1. Helps burn Fat– Daily consumption of Coconut in any form (Oil, Water, Flour etc.) helps burn the extra fat from the body and hence helps in maintaining the body weight by killing Obesity.
  2. Boost Energy– Coconut is used by the body to produce an instant energy rather than storing it in the form of Fat. It supports the body during physical and athletic exercise.
  3. Improves Digestion– Consumption of coconut supports absorption of the nutrients including minerals, vitamins,amino acids etc. thereby improving digestion.
  4. High in dietary Fiber– Coconut supplies a whopping 61% dietary fiber which contains Non-digestible carbohydrates. Now, since our body cannot digest the dietary fiber present in a coconut therefore no calories are derived from it and hence there is no rise in the blood sugar.
  5. Sweet Cravings Reduction– Coconut contains in it healthy fat which is responsible for slowing down rise in blood sugar which leads to the reduction of sweet cravings.
  6. Improves the Heart Health– Coconut improves the health of heart and prevents the risk of heart strokes by providing healthy short and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). Both these acids are indispensable for a good health of heart.
  7. Aids in boosting brain functioning– Fatty acids present in coconut oil increase the levels of ketone bodies (responsible for supplying energy to brain) and hence boost the ability of brain to use glucose for proper functioning.
  8. Helps in supporting Immune System– As coconut contains no Trans-Fats and is also free of gluten, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic,anti-parasitic healing properties, it helps to aid the Immune System functions.

So, we can see that there are numerous health benefits attached to a simple fruit, Coconut. At CocoEarth we endeavor to nourish with the goodies of coconut in its various forms like Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream etc.