Proudly exclusive and authentic offering by CocoEarth, Liquid Premium Coconut Oil (LPCO) is just not any other coconut oil. It contains 1.5 X healthier Medium Chain Fatty Acids than regular virgin coconut oil of similar size. It contains Lauric Acid, that help fight pathogens. Thus, it is your healthy and fit pick of cooking oil for sautéing, baking, frying, and dressing. What’s more – it always remains its liquidity and never loses its fresh and subtle coconut aroma and taste. Know more >>

Ico Coconut25 * 500ml Coconuts = 500ml LCPO

EASYEasy to metabolise Coconut Oil

Water Always Stays Liquid


Healthiest part of Coconut Oil

DNAContains Lauric Acid

Funnel Expeller Pressed

InkTrans fat free

Vinegar Coconut

Organic Coconut Vinegar

Coconut Vinegar is created by allowing the sap of coconut flowers ferment naturally for the period of up to 1 year. With plenty of health benefits, it can help strengthen your immune system and keep your digestion alive. Pour it on your salads, sauces, and marinades for an extra bite. Coconut Vinegar, when added to the beauty regimen, can also help you achieve shiny locks and clear skin.

small-cocoMade from fresh picked organic coconuts.

chemContains 17 healthy amino acids & minerals.

small-medalConsidered far better than apple cider vinegar.

Organic Coconut

Organic Coconut Water

Packed with nutrients and nature’s goodness, this refreshing drink is 100% pure with no added sugar, preservatives, or flavouring substances. Have a sip and you will find yourself addicted to this delicious drink made from young, fresh coconuts.


Organic Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil, made with the choicest and freshest coconuts, is free from cholesterol, chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Enjoy the creamy and light coconut flavour and aroma as this natural multitasker can be your friend in kitchen as well as in your beauty regimen.


Refined Organic Coconut Oil

Completely colourless and odour-less coconut oil offering by CocoEarth is refined using chemical-free and natural cleaning process. It has a higher smoking point as compared to the virgin coconut oil. You can, thus, deep fry things in kitchen and can make it a part of your lifestyle as it has various beautifying benefits for your skin and hair.


Organic Coconut Butter

Thick and smooth coconut butter comes from the healthiest and freshest meaty parts of the coconuts. The rich, savoury product from CocoEarth is made from the whole coconut flesh and gives you a mouthful of coconut taste and aroma. Spread the coconut butter on to the breads, candies, or stir into the oatmeals to make for healthy little snacks which you and your kids would love.


Organic Coconut Flour

Gluten-free, healthy, and delicious alternate to other flours, coconut flour is made from dried and ground coconut meat. This high-fibre product helps aiding metabolism and maintaining normal blood sugar levels. This natural offering made from organically-grown brown coconuts comes with slight taste and smell of coconut and can be your ideal pick for baking cakes, cookies, and truffles.


Organic Coconut Syrup

For the delicious, savoury taste of coconuts in every bite, pour CocoEarth organic coconut syrup on your waffles, muffins, pancakes, fruit salads, and basically anything. If you are a coconut lover, you are going to enjoy the heavenly rich and slightly sweet yet all-natural flavour and aroma of this syrup.


Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut milk is a delicious, non-dairy alternative for individuals who are lactose-intolerant or are vegan. And, now you can enjoy the creamy and rich goodness of coconut milk conveniently in your home with CocoEarth coconut milk powder. Just drink it as it is, bake your favourite cupcakes filled with the heavenly aroma of coconuts, or use it to make curries and soups.