Many wonder if they can cook using MCT oil, well, yes, you definitely can. MCT oil is a great product that can be added to almost anything other than keto shot espresso. Being a part of dietary sources, MCT oil contains health benefits, however, it is essential for you to remember that you are basically taking fats. MCT oil adds fats and extra calories to your diet, which is why excessive consumption may not be as beneficial as you might think and can lead to weight gain. MCT oil products and supplements are created from food oils and therefore are not termed as natural products. Many prefer using the best coconut oil for cooking since they are high in MCTs and can be used as a replacement for olive oil and other cooking oil. 

Being the backbone for many who wish to shed fat and increase efficiency, it is important for people to understand the different and creative ways to use MCT oil for cooking. 

Keto greens mixed salad dressing: From vital oil and vinegar to Keto Green plate of mixed greens dressing used with MCT oil, you can transform your plate of mixed green salad into a fat feast by replacing olive oil with MCT oil.

Dairy-free Keto Espresso: For all those morning espresso lovers that prefer a solid cup to begin their day, this formula of dairy free keto espresso mixed with MCT oil is just for you. Through this, you will consume an adequate amount of fat and protein that will secure your crash.

Broiling Vegetables: You can rely on using MCT oil with your broiled veggies in two ways: Cook the vegetables at 350°F or lower with MCT Oil or you can use a little avocado oil to cook the vegetables at high temperature, with a sprinkle of MCT oil before serving.

Keto Smoothie with Marine Collagen: Add MCT oil to your favourite smoothie to enjoy scrumptious and complete dinner in a bowl. This way, you can intake a balanced meal with superfood greens, MCT and organic products with vegetables.

Keto Spinach and Artichoke Plunge: Think about redesigning your snack with this delightful and smooth meal. There is nothing healthier and more delicious than keto spinach and artichoke with added MCT oil.

With these amazing ways of cooking using MCT oil, you can enjoy scrumptious snacks every day without having to hamper your diet. Visit Coco Earth, you can buy MCT oil online at the best price and have it delivered to your address without hassle.