People obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle must be knowing about the role of amino acids in our body. Here are some of the amino acids benefits:

1. Improves hair growth – Keratin comprises about 85% of your hair. The body requires 18 different types of amino acids to produce keratin. Few of these acids are produced by our body but the rest needs to be enriched through our diet.

2. Benefits skin – Amino acids are essential to skin’s health. Numerous benefits have been linked to amino acids such as it reduces the damage caused by UV rays thus minimising wrinkles and skin dehydration. Amino acids also heal damaged skin and prevent tissue breakdown and thus slows down the ageing process.

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3. Stress buster – Amino acids are very important for the brain to function healthily. They provide a relaxed feeling and help in increasing mental focus. It shields from depression and anxiety and acts as a mood lifter. It even helps with disorders such as insomnia.

4. Strengthens the immune – Amino acids are responsible for creating the body’s primary antioxidant. Studies have shown that it lessens the flu symptoms among seniors. Along with this, it supports liver detoxification and lung functions.

5. Improves sleep quality – Ammonia, a cellular toxin, negatively affects specific cognitive functions hence disturbing our sleep pattern. Specific amino acids have the ability to counteract ammonia which may help in promoting good sleep.

These were few of the reasons why our body needs amino acids for good health.  Few of the vegan sources which are rich in amino acid profiles are Chia, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth but why take the hassle of buying all these different products when you can get all the desired amino acids in ‘Cocoearth Organic Amino Sauce’.

Cocoearth Organic Amino Sauce is Vegan-friendly & Gluten Free and it contains 17 essential naturally occurring amino acids. One can use it as a Salad dressing and as a healthier replacement for soy sauce.