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All About Protein Bars

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Proteins are one of the most important nutrients for the human body. Proteins are needed to repair and build the damaged tissues. They are known as the building blocks of  bones, muscle, cartilage, blood, skin and also serves as a source of fuel. Unlike the fats and carbohydrates, the body does not store protein and it [...]

Is Ghee Butter Actually Good For You?

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Ghee Butter is a traditional Indian food type that has been used in Indian Cooking and traditional medicines from centuries. But recently it has caught the eye of health & fitness experts where it has gained enormous popularity and considered incredibly good for health. But it raises a lot of questions in mind like- Is Ghee [...]

Being Vegan

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Going vegan means refraining from meat, dairy, eggs, and all animal-derived products. This diet is gaining popularity day-by-day and millennials are making the shift towards the plant-based movement. Animal welfare, personal and environmental health are the main factors towards the switch to veganism. More than 60 million Instagram posts are linked to vegan, it can be [...]

Why is Detox Important?

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Everyone has heard of the term ‘detox’ but most of us have never tried it. Detox simply means getting rid of the toxins(waste) in the body. We are absorbing toxic chemicals every day in our lives, either through food, air, perfumes, and the environment. We cannot escape it ☹ The liver has the role of [...]

Carb Content per 100g

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The Ketogenic diet is trending these days and its bound to gain popularity over time. In Keto, you would want to get your maximum energy through fats, moderate energy through protein and very little through carbohydrates. Keto diet should be rich in healthy fats and have little to no carbs. This article provides a list of [...]

Protein Sources for Vegans

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Protein is thought to be a concern for vegans even though it is easy for vegans to get enough of it. Protein is required by the body for several functions such as fighting infections, repairing & building muscles, carrying oxygen and many more. Plant foods do contain the complete amino acid profile and they can provide [...]

Benefits of Amino Acids

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People obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle must be knowing about the role of amino acids in our body. Here are some of the amino acids benefits: 1. Improves hair growth – Keratin comprises about 85% of your hair. The body requires 18 different types of amino acids to produce keratin. Few of these acids [...]

Keto Diet – The Vegan version

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Many of you would be aware of what a ‘Keto’ diet is as it is gaining popularity day-by-day. For those who are not, here's a brief description of it. A Keto diet focuses on getting maximum energy through fats and through a moderate amount of protein while limiting carbs intake as much as possible. As a vegan, [...]

Amazing Health Benefits of MCT Oil

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Looking for some healthy fats for your Keto or low carb diet?? MCT is your answer!! Wondering what is MCT and why MCT is good for Keto?? Medium-Chain Triglyceride(MCT) oil consists of Caprylic & Capric acids also known as C8 & C10. These MCTs are quickly digested because of their shorter length and do not [...]

Amazing skin blessings of coconut oil

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Ever wished to have a glowing skin with no marks of any kind on it? Ever wondered about that one food item which could turn your wish into reality? Of course you have! To make your wish come true, here we are with the coconut oil that not only bestows […]

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