The Ketogenic diet is trending these days and its bound to gain popularity over time. In Keto, you would want to get your maximum energy through fats, moderate energy through protein and very little through carbohydrates. Keto diet should be rich in healthy fats and have little to no carbs. This article provides a list of foods and their nutritional content per 100g so that it helps in making food choices

Serving Size – 100g

Ghee Butter0g81g1g3118 kJ
CocoEarth Organic MCT Oil0g93g0g3733 kJ
Beef Rib Steak0g29g23g1485 kJ
Grilled Chicken Breast0g1.8g26g527 kJ
Prawns1.2g0.9g25g485 kJ
Eggs1.3g11g12.8g649 kJ
Baked Bacon1.7g43.4g35.8g2327 kJ
Firm Tofu2.3g3.9g7.6g293 kJ
Almonds22g49g22g2450 kJ
Mushrooms3.3g0.8g2.6g55 kJ
Zucchini3.3g0.4g1.2g63 kJ
Spinach3.7g0.8g3.7g101 kJ
Plain Greek Yoghurt3.8g0.4g10g250 kJ
Feta3.9g21.5g3.9g1121 kJ
Cauliflower4.2g0.5g1.8g95 kJ
Broccoli (cooked)6.7g0.9g4g130 kJ
Eggplant6g0.3g1g105 kJ
Lemon juice7g0.3g0.4g100 kJ
Avocado8.8g15g2g670 kJ
Strawberry8g0.3g0.7g135 kJ

It is important to get enough fats and protein so as to be fit to do any kind of physical exertion. Making the right choices to eat is essential to stay in ketosis. The above list would help you in planning your meals. There are lots of other food options available as well and different recipes can be tried for every meal. We can indeed make Keto delicious 😉