Almond Flour or Coconut Flour: Which Is Better?

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Comparison is always tougher than just choosing one single thing, especially when it comes to products that are concerned with our health also. Flour is a very basic ingredient, available at our homes; and with time, these basic ingredients have also got a replacement and up-gradation such as coconut flour and almond. We are discussing the [...]

Bake Delicious Almond Flour Choco-chip Cookies

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Do you remember all the soft-baked chocolate chip cookies you often buy at the snack food aisle? They are the pliable and perfect treat for one to sink their teeth into it. You must know that these almond flour chocolate chip cookies are not only delicious but are nutritious. They are tasty and the chocolate melts [...]

Bake Cookies Using Organic Coconut Flour for Kids Today!

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Coconut flour, as we all know, is made from dried and grounded coconut flesh, it originally was initiated in the Philippines, where the first-ever product was produced- coconut milk. Coconut meat is scraped out, rinsed and grated in order to separate the solids of the coconut from the milk. The product is then baked at a [...]

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