Normally, Coconut oil contains Medium-Chain Triglycerides(MCT) and Long-Chain Triglycerides(LCT). LCT gets stored in your body as fat and is not as healthy as it seems. The coconut oils that do get solidified contain a high amount of LCT. Whereas MCT does not get stored in the body as fat, instead, it is used up by the body as energy. Our Liquid Coconut Oil does not get solidified because it contains 93% of MCT and it is 4X healthier than any other virgin coconut oil of similar size.
Liquid coconut oil is suitable for stir-fry and cooking at medium-temperatures. It can also be used for salad dressing, baking, grilling, sauces, dips, smoothies and even as a coffee creamer.
Liquid Coconut Oil can be directly applied on to body and face and it acts as a moisturizer. Also, it can act as a hair conditioner and as a natural lip balm as well. Apply liquid coconut oil onto a cotton pad and use it as an eye-makeup remover. Liquid coconut oil can also be used to treat acne.
It does not require any special treatment like storing in a refrigerator. It can be stored anywhere in the house preferably a cool and dry place.
It has a very long shelf-life. You don’t have to worry about the longevity of our products. You would finish it well before its best before dates.
CocoEarth Liquid coconut oil is not just ordinary coconut oil. It contains 4X healthier Medium Chain Fatty Acids than regular virgin coconut oil of similar size. It always remains liquid and never loses its fresh and subtle coconut aroma and taste. It contains more Medium-Chain Triglycerides(MCT) than any other coconut oil. MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) strengthen your bones and immunity, provide materials for building resilient cells, supplies vital ketones to keep your brain sharp, increases metabolism, and provides quick natural energy. Result – a focused brain and a healthy, fit body.
There are multiple benefits of MCT oil including

  • They help lose unwanted fat
  • Makes you feel full and suppresses hunger
  • Provide instant energy to the body and brain
  • Easier to digest than other fats and it does not get stored in your body
  • Provides strength and immunity
  • Increases metabolism
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MCT oil turns into ketones within minutes, providing quick energy to the brain and body. It makes you feel full and you can go for longer periods without eating and without having an energy crash,
It is recommended to start with consuming 1-2 tablespoons a day and once the body gradually adapts to your intake, you can increase the consumption to 2-4 tablespoons a day. You can also mix MCT oil in your smoothies and shakes.
You can buy our products from our website( and we also have our products in Health stores and also in retail stores like Woolworths and Coles.
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Coconut oil is generally safe for dogs. Add our Liquid coconut oil to your dog’s meal. Apart from this, you can also directly apply the oil to your dog’s coat and skin.
Protein absorbed from plant-based foods is plant-based protein. It is vegan and a beneficial alternative to meat protein. Few plant-based foods that are rich in protein are beans, hemp, grains, nuts, and avocados.
Our Kick Start Bar contains 10g of Plant-Based protein. It is a 40g bar. It is gluten-free and has no added sugar. It is rich in fibre.