Found in the tropical regions, Coconuts are harvested for their white flesh, oil, and juices. Coconuts are not only rich in saturated fat, but these goodies are also a good source of essential minerals and fibre.

Did you know –

Coconut has 17 essential amino acids that body requires for protein development, therefore good for lean muscle development.

Coconut is super rich with amino acid threonine. It is required to support the formation of collagen and protect the central nervous system, liver, and cardiovascular system.

While in some part of the world, fresh coconut is considered an exotic food and is mostly consumed by health enthusiasts. In cultures where coconuts are common, they can make up a large part of the daily diet. In the parts of the world where more than half of the daily calories can come from coconuts, the reported rates of heart diseases are far lower.

Coconut oil helps to increase the levels of HDL good cholesterol that aids of improving the heart health and sparingly as the majority of the exploration directed on the coconut and its impact on cholesterol levels depends on momentary investigations.

Coconut oil, as it is rich with MCTs, is helpful in weight reduction and specifically for decreasing stomach obesity. These MCTs also known as C8, C10 ( Medium Chain Triglycerides) are the medium chain fatty acids that the human body digest easily. This type of fat never stores in the body. Coco Earth Liquid Coconut Oil is super rich with these MCTs – 4X more than the traditional virgin coconut oil.

Therefore, it is likewise simple to process – when contrasted with other edible oil – and helps in solid working of the thyroid and endocrine framework.

Coconut oil expands the body’s metabolic rate by evacuating weight on the pancreas, in this manner, consuming more vitality and helping corpulent and overweight individuals (especially guys) get in shape.

Coconut Oil is great for skin care, perfect as a moisturizer, body oil or massage oil. Unlock the beauty secrets with Coconut Oil here 

Aids in boosting brain functioning – Fatty acids present in coconut oil increase the levels of ketone bodies(responsible for supplying energy to brain) and hence boost the ability of the brain to use glucose for proper functioning.

Improves Digestion -Consumption of coconut supports the absorption of the nutrients including minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc. thereby improving digestion.

Coconut Oil is good for Oil pulling – maintain the overall mouth hygiene, gum health & natural teeth whitening. refer our article for details on oil pulling 

Coco Earth Coconut Amino Sauce is a healthy replacement for traditional soy sauce with better taste and relatively lower sodium content. It’s balsamic in taste (no coconutty smell or flavor at all). An Australian Certified Organic Product for you from CocoEarth.

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