• Pour it as salad dressing

    It is good to replace the oil (or part of the oil) in your homemade salad dressings and homemade aioli/mayo with MCT oil. People love using MCT coconut oil in Salad dressing! It is delish! Simple to use on any salad!


  • Use it on baked goods, sautés, stir-fries and grilled foods without it going rancid or oxidizing

Replace conventional oils with MCT oil, or use it along with regular coconut oil and/or butter (half and half).

You can sub out about 1/4 to 1/3 of the coconut oil for MCT oil instead. This makes for more nutritional baking!

  • Add and mix it into your favorite yogurt

Simply mix MCT oils into your favorite yogurt. It’s incredibly delicious! Try it !


  • Drink and blend it to your coffee & Smoothies

You can mix MCT oil in your hot and cold drinks. It’s quite simple. All you need is ghee, butter, or coconut oil,  MCT oil, organic coffee, almond milk, and maybe some collagen or even cashew cream. Tastes like a latte, but the energy lasts much longer! If you want to make it ICED, I have a little trick. Mix a tiny bit of unflavoured MCT oil with almond or coconut milk and pour it in an ice tray to freeze.