Winter can be rough for your skin and hair because the air is dry and cold, and the humidity level is low. Your skin lacks moisture and it creates various problems like cracked feet, dry and brittle hair and many other skin related problems. Your skin needs to rehydrate and to do that you need to apply a moisturizing and nutritious cream, oil or conditioner. There are various moisturizing creams and oils available, but the most versatile product is the liquid coconut oil. The liquid coconut oil provides solutions to all types of skin and hair related problems not only during the winter but all year long. Here are few of the ways to use the liquid coconut oil in winter:

  1. Soothing the dry and cracked heels: Cracked heels are very painful and are very common during winter. Massaging the feet with the liquid coconut oil before going to bed helps to ease the pain and promotes healing. The liquid coconut oil contains antioxidant power that speeds up the healing time.


  1. Conditioner: Brittle hair and dry scalp are the major problems that start with the winter. Massaging your hair and scalp by applying a substantial amount of the liquid coconut oil before going to bed will restore the hair’s moisture. You need to wash your hair in the morning and you can feel the smoothness in the hair.


  1. Lip gloss: Cold weather can cause cracked and chapped lips. Mixing the liquid coconut oil with other topical creams or applying directly on your lips will heal the cracked and dry lips and will keep the lips moisturized.


  1. Shaving Cream: The liquid coconut oil aids in a smooth and hydrating shave and doesn’t leave any dryness on your skin. To learn more about it, please visit:  Why and How to use the liquid coconut oil for shaving?


  1. Exfoliation: Dead and dry skin cells are another major problem during winter. Using the liquid coconut oil with a little sugar and scrubbing on your face will get rid of all the dead skin cells and leaves it moisturized.

There are various other advantages of liquid coconut oil.  For more information about the liquid coconut oil refer  here. Browse through our other blog articles to get more healthy tips. Need to know more about the beauty secrets of coconut oil ??

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