Coco Earth Liquid Coconut Oil is an extract of Coconut Oil with no chemicals or any sort fo nasties added. It is 100% pure Coconut Oil which is super-rich with MCTs and hence always stays liquid.  It is good for Healthy cooking, as it comes with 4 times more Medium Chain Triglycerides than Virgin Coconut Oil.

Here are few of the benefits of Coco Earth liquid coconut oil for women’s health:

  1. Liquid Coconut Oil helps increase body metabolism and supports weight loss
  • Liquid Coconut Oil is a rich source of medium-chain fatty acids/triglycerides (MCTs). The MCTs are burned up quickly by the body and used for energy. The regular use of coconut oil promotes the burning of body fat for energy which helps in weight loss.
  1. Liquid coconut oil prevents yeast infections
  • Yeast infections are a major problem for many women. Our diet plays an important role to prevent different yeast infections on our body. Several researches have shown that the medium-chain fatty acids found in the coconut oil works to kill the various harmful bacteria that are responsible for causing yeast infections on our body.
  1. Liquid coconut oil and coconut cider vinegar improves gut health
  • Using liquid coconut oil and coconut cider vinegar together increases the growth of healthy gut bacteria. The liquid coconut oil protects the gut from bacterial and yeast infection whereas coconut cider vinegar is a natural probiotic (Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system). ( refer for other health benefits of Coconut Cider vinegar)
  1. Liquid Coconut Oil can be used for skincare
  • Coconut oil is found to be rich in antibacterial, anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It may aid in treating various skin related issues like eczema, UV radiation, dry skin, burns and skin wound. Coco Earth Liquid coconut oil works excellent as a body moisturizer. So go ahead, add our Liquid Coconut Oil to your daily beauty & skincare regime. For more beauty secret of Liquid Coconut Oil, refer our article.
  1. Liquid Coconut Oil is good for your hair
  • Ladies in tropical, waterfront areas of the world use coconut oil for their hair practically day by day. The coconut oil helps in the sound development of your hair and gives a sparkle to those strands. The liquid coconut oil is a topical oil and it is a magnificent conditioner and helps the re-development procedure of harmed hair.

6. Liquid Coconut Oil for Mouth Hygiene & Teeth Whitening

  • Oil Pulling is a very healthy exercise to maintain your overall Mouth hygiene. Take a 10-15 ml of Coco Earth Liquid Coconut Oil and give it a swirl in your mouth before sleeping daily. It is one of the most natural ways to ensure your overall gum health & teeth whitening. Refer our article for more details around Oil Pulling here

There are several other health advantages of liquid coconut oil. Want to know more about the Coco Earth Liquid Coconut Oil & how to use it? Head on to our detailed article here. 

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