Looking for some healthy fats for your Keto or low carb diet?? MCT is your answer!!

Wondering what is MCT and why MCT is good for Keto??

Medium-Chain Triglyceride(MCT) oil consists of Caprylic & Capric acids also known as C8 & C10. These MCTs are quickly digested because of their shorter length and do not get stored in the body. As these are extremely low on carbs, it’s a great supplement for Keto Diet or any other low-carb diet. It helps you to get into or stay in Ketosis. There are numerous health benefits associated with the way our body breaks down these fats.

Some of the main benefits of MCT oil are:

1. Great for Weight-loss

MCT oil may help people battling with strong cravings andmct oil for weight loss gorging. Using MCT as a dietary supplement can also help to reduce caloric consumption resulting in weight loss.

2. MCT oil improves physical performance

Due to MCTs being absorbed by the body at a very quick rate and converted into cellular energy, it is an elite body fuel for athletes. MCTs can be used pre and post workouts due to its feature of rebuilding muscles and restricting protein breakdowns. For Athletes, the rising lactate levels have a negative impact on exercise performance. MCT oil can help to reduce lactate levels.

3. MCT oil keeps blood sugar balanced

MCT oil can help with the stimulation of insulin and ketones in the body leading to lowering of the blood sugar.

4. MCT oil enhance nutrient absorptionNutrients in MCT oil

Consumption of MCTs boosts the absorption of important nutrients in the body like protein, nitrogen and magnesium which signifies that the body is more efficient in safeguarding and building the lean body tissues.

5. Get Glowing skin

Additionally, Coconut MCT oil is a blessing for the skin as a quality moisturizer when applied to the skin. So there you go, it helps you look awesome by keeping weight & sugar in check and keeping your skin soft and moisturized.

These were just a few of the abundant benefits of Coconut MCT oil. It is recommended to start using it in small doses before increasing intake gradually. Ultimately, MCT oil is a suitable method to exploit all the health benefits that MCTs provide. 

Coco Earth brings you two variant of Coconut MCT oil.  ACO certified Organic MCT Oil & The Juggernaut MCT Oil (Unflavored). Both of these are prepared from the organically grown coconuts. 

The Juggernaut Coconut MCT oil

The Juggernaut Coconut MCT oil

Coco Earth Organic coconut MCT Oil 500mL

Coco Earth Organic coconut MCT Oil 500mL