Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are an exceptional type of dietary fat that has various health benefits. Their decreased chain length as compared to Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs) does not only means fewer calories but also, fastened metabolic processes. This implies that our bodies rather than storing the fat, is processing it swiftly and producing the quick and necessary energy the body requires!

MCTs are transferred from the hepatic portal system all the way to the liver without going through longer digestive methods thanks to their shorter sizes and ease of processing as a result of the size. MCTs additionally have been appeared to increment physical stamina, amplify vitality and provide athletic power. As per a study conducted in 2009, athletes who were on an MCT rich diet as opposed to an LCT rich diet performed better and could last longer in intensive training thereby attesting to the above point.

As MCTs do not store much fat and convert it into ketones directly for energy, it affects the body positively thereby reducing the risk of blood pressure and heart diseases. They contain added beneficiaries which protect the stomach from toxins and act as antioxidants which will keep your gut health on point. most importantly, these are all-natural and do not contain any dairy or meat making it perfect for a vegan-friendly diet, paleo diet and a keto diet.

Additionally, some of these MCTs act like the perfect nootropic to keep you up and running through the day due to their fast digestive ability that gives you the ideal dose of energy and alertness. MCTs are therefore the ideal way to go for obtaining the necessary energy to perform well through your daily routine.

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