What is Coco Earth Fractionated Coconut oil?

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Coconut oil is used in various parts of the world and is gaining popularity right now. It can be used for multiple health benefits and is not limited to cooking, hair care and skincare. There are many types of coconut oil like organic coconut oil, liquid coconut oil, MCT oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, [...]

Difference between MCT Oil and Coconut Oil

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MCTs stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. These are Medium Chain fatty Acids that are easy to digest and get converted into ketones. Ketones are the energy bundles and work as the quick and clean energy source for the body & brain. Understanding MCT fats Caprylic Acid (C8) - C8 is good for maintaining to maintain [...]

Beauty secrets of Coconut Oil

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Ever wished to have a glowing skin with no marks of any kind on it? Ever wondered about that one food item which could turn your wish into reality? Of course, you have! To make your wish come true, here we are with the Liquid coconut oil that not only bestows you glowing and spotless skin but [...]

Get beautiful skin with Organic Coconut Oil

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Incorporating Liquid Coconut Oil in your skin care regime is an inexpensive, highly effective and simple ingredient to make your skin soft and beautiful. Benefits of using Organic Coconut Oil Use it as a face cleanser and moisturiser:  Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing in nature. Simply take about a teaspoon [...]

Coconut Oil for beginners

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Coconut Oil and Medium-chain fatty acids Coconut Oil is high in medium-chain fatty acids. The Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) does not get stored in our body like other fats because they are easily broken down due to their shorter chain and converted into ketones which serve as an energy source. Why use Coconut Oil? [...]

How to use Coconut Oil as your first aid kit

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Have you been using Coconut Oil in your First Aid Kit? If not please do so and enjoy the benefits of it in your treatment. Coconut Oil is not only a healthy option for cooking and a beauty product, but it is also possess healing properties making it the right product for the First [...]

Coconut Oil for fleas in pets

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If you have a pet, you will definitely feel the pain of having fleas in your pet. It not only creates trouble for pets but it is also harmful to human health. There are many flea killers in the market. Most of them contain chemicals that might hamper the health of your pets when used for [...]

How to use Coconut Oil for your pet

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Coconut Oil has numerous health benefits not only for humans but also for pets. Benefits of using Coconut Oil for your pet Adding a teaspoon of Coconut Oil to your pet's diet daily helps improve their digestion, eliminate bad breath problem and improve joint flexibility. It also helps them in weight management. [...]

What are the health benefits of MCT Oil ?

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Health Benefits of MCT Oil Support Weight Loss in Great Ways The reason MCT oil for weight loss can be effective is because MCTs essentially signal to the brain that the body is receiving adequate energy, therefore the desire to eat is usually reduced.   Significantly, consuming MCT oil regularly has been proven to significantly reduce [...]

Benefits of Oil Pulling using Liquid Coconut Oil

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What is Oil Pulling? Oil Pulling refers to the process of cleaning and detoxifying your teeth and maintaining your overall mouth health. It involves using oil in your mouth and swishing it for around 15-20 minutes daily. The oil removes the plaque in the teeth and gums without harming them. Health Benefits of [...]

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