Should You Include Meal Replacement Shakes in Your Keto Diet?

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Most meal replacement shakes, you may not know, are far from Keto-friendly. They usually include high-sugar content fruits and carb-full dairy items that are enough to slow down your weight loss progress. However, it is advised not to let these high-carb options distract you from thinking that meal replacement shakes are a no-go. You are [...]

5 Homemade Keto Shake Recipes You Should Try Today!

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Dieting becomes quite tough sometimes when your taste buds start lurking in the taste of the flavorsome yet unhealthy foods eaten in the past. One can go for a cheat meal if they miss the yummy milkshakes or fries. What if you can still have milkshakes on your low-carb diet, that too homemade?  Those following [...]

KETO Meal Replacement Shake: Easy to follow Recipe

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It is believed that meal replacement shakes are far from Keto-friendly. They usually depend on high-sugar fruits and carb-rich dairy products that add a good amount of carbs to your slow weight loss journey on Keto. You wouldn’t want that, right? Do not let the high-carb meal fool you into believing that you cannot enjoy a [...]

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