Summarized: Coconut oil uses, benefits and nutrition

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Coconut oil, as we all know very well, is a brilliantly healthy fat that is rich in MCT (medium-chain fatty acids). They are a solid substance that leaves a powerful effect on your metabolism. Fractionated coconut oil, although is made from coconut oil, contains two medium-chain fatty acids and has been promoted as coconut oil [...]

Get beautiful skin with Organic Coconut Oil

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Incorporating Liquid Coconut Oil in your skin care regime is an inexpensive, highly effective and simple ingredient to make your skin soft and beautiful. Benefits of using Organic Coconut Oil Use it as a face cleanser and moisturiser:  Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and moisturizing in nature. Simply take about a teaspoon [...]

Great Benefits of Coconut MCT Oil On the Keto Diet

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Why Coconut MCT Oil is good for Keto diet MCT oil works as powerful supplement when you're following a low-carb, high-fat diet. Stay ketosis by using high-quality MCTs like Organic Coconut MCT Oil and don't be afraid to experiment with your carbohydrate levels. Here are several reasons why MCT oil benefits for keto : Helps intermittent [...]

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