Many of you would be aware of what a ‘Keto’ diet is as it is gaining popularity day-by-day. For those who are not, here’s a brief description of it. A Keto diet focuses on getting maximum energy through fats and through a moderate amount of protein while limiting carbs intake as much as possible. As a vegan, it is often thought that it is a very difficult diet to stick to but there are plenty of vegan keto meal options available for a vegan ketogenic diet.

Here are few of interesting tips and foods that can be added to vegan keto meal plan.

1. Nuts – Nuts include a variety of essential fats and can be added to keto menu. But be a little careful before gorging too much on nuts as there is a certain amount of carb coming with it.

2. Seeds –Seeds like Chia and Hemp contain all the crucial minerals and vitamins. They can be another healthy high-fat addition to your vegan keto recipes.

3. Healthy oils – Oils with healthy fats ( also known as MCTs fats)  are suggested for Keto diet. It is suggested to go with Gluten-free, Chemical-free MCT oil.  One can use these oils for sautéing or even for keto salad to make food even much yummier.

Image of seeds for keto diet

4. Vegetables and fruits – There are many fruits and vegetables available that are rich in different essential nutrients. However,  note that not all veggies or fruits are low on carb. One can use Avocado, Broccoli, Asparagus, zucchini, spinach, cauliflower and bell paper for vegan keto fruit and vegetable salads. However, note that it is recommended to keep a check on daily carb intake before consuming any kind of fruits and veggies.

5.  Nut and seed butter – Almond and peanut butter have a high protein content and they can make up for desirable protein intake. Hazelnut, walnut and even coconut butter are few other delicious options.

6. Salads and dressings – There are varieties of tasty vegetable salads and fruit salads which can be part of a vegetarian ketogenic diet. Apricot, cherries, blackberries, blueberries and coconut meat are some of the fruits that can be used in making a fruit salad. Organic coconut cider vinegar is the very good replacement vinegar. Also, coconut cider vinegar is both vegan and keto friendly and perfect for salad dressing of almost any kind because it has no carbs in it.

7. Smoothies and Shakes – You can try a variety of delicious examples with different ingredients such as Cucumber Spinach Smoothie, Blueberry Coconut Chia Smoothie and Almond Butter Smoothie mixed with The Juggernaut MCT oil to gain healthy nutrients required for the body.

The list goes on and these were only a few of the many options. And ‘Yes’ a Vegan has a lot of food options and can practice the vegan keto diet without any difficulties. It is amazing as to how many different food options and recipes are available and one would be left wondering to try them all. For some of the products such as Premium coconut oil, MCT oils and dressingsour products catalogue would provide a range of options to choose from and make vegan keto diet even more delicious.