The popularity of coconut oil is spreading globally around the food community. We have been using it for multiple purposes like cooking, haircare, skincare and for other health benefits. Besides using liquid coconut oil for cooking and hair care, it can also be used for shaving. Using coconut oil for shaving may seem strange, but according to the research conducted by many beauty specialists, changing to coconut oil for shaving is a reliable way to keep your skin happy.

The liquid coconut oil is known to have hydrating effects and it can hydrate your skin without using any other preservative.  Coconut oil also acts as a mild, non-irritating cream for shaving and even as an aftershave gel replacement. In addition to being a moisturizer, liquid coconut oil contributes its own protective layer to the skin to prevent invasion by infectious bacteria or microbes.  The nutrients in the liquid coconut oil also help to heal minor scratches or cuts that occur during shaving.

A quick guide on how to use Liquid Coconut Oil for shaving

It is easy to use liquid coconut oil for shaving. Our liquid coconut oil unlike any other coconut oil always stays liquid and can be easily used.

For women: Take a small quantity of the liquid coconut oil and rub it on your legs right after showering. Use a sharp razor to shave the legs. Always remember to rinse or wipe the blade between strokes. Wipe the tub after use so that it is not slippery for others to use.

For men: Wash and damp your face with warm water.  Add a few drops of the liquid coconut oil and rub it on the face or you can mix it with natural shaving cream. You can now start shaving and always remember to clean the razor after two or three strokes or it will build upon the blades. Wash and wipe your face with a cloth. Any residual oil can be washed later with a natural soap.

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There are various other benefits of liquid coconut oil. To know more about the benefits of the liquid coconut oil please refer to our blog section of the Coco Earth website.

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