Everyone has heard of the term ‘detox’ but most of us have never tried it. Detox simply means getting rid of the toxins(waste) in the body. We are absorbing toxic chemicals every day in our lives, either through food, air, perfumes, and the environment. We cannot escape it

The liver has the role of converting fat-soluble elements into water-soluble elements so that they can be excreted. Most of the toxins processed by the liver are fat soluble which is much harder for the liver to metabolize. Our body is repeatedly working to flush out toxins and the liver might be overburdened and unable to work effectively, in which case it deserves a break. There are few signals which indicate that your body is definitely asking for a detox.

Below are the common signs that would want you to go for a detox immediately :

  1. You always feel stressed and exhausted
  2. Prolonged indigestion problem
  3. You frequently pick up colds, flu and allergies and are on medication very often
  4. Excessive flatulence
  5. Regular skin rashes, breakouts and blemishes
  6. Frequent headaches and absence of mental clarity

Detoxing the body not only enhances the functions of the liver, but it also supports weight loss, immune health and has a lot of other benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of detoxifying your body :

1. Increase in energy levels – This is one of the first benefits that you will come across. However, people with diets high in toxins experience fatigue initially, but most of them report to have increased energy levels after detoxification.

2. Better mental health – Along with the physical benefits of detoxing, there are emotional and mental benefits as well. Getting rid of all the harmful chemicals and toxins will have huge amounts of positive outcomes on your mental health. Now that the body is better aligned, we are able to see and analyse things correctly and make better decisions.

3. Improves skin health – One of the main functions of the skin is elimination. Enlarged pores, excess blackheads are few of the signs that give you an indication that the body is full of toxins and needs a flush. During detox, there might be skin flare-ups but don’t worry these will be temporary and eventually fade away when the toxins are flushed out.

4. Slows signs of ageing – The skin is affected by the toxins we consume from our diet or the environment. Detoxing helps to eliminate the toxins that result in skin damage and hence, slow down the visible signs of ageing.

5. Enhances the efficiency of the immune system – Our body has natural detox systems like liver, skin. Over time, they get burdened and need some rest. Regular detox takes some load off our organs and strengthens the immune system and our body then does a better job of fighting away infections and illness.

6. Helps internal organs and restores the balance of our body’s systems – Detox gets rid of the toxins from our organs and give them some respite so that they can work effectively. Our body’s nervous, digestive and hormonal systems were drafted in a way that they work together to accomplish ideal health. When toxins are overloaded in our body, our systems don’t work as they should, and we end up falling sick. Detoxing brings the balance back in our body systems and help them to function properly again.

After you read all these benefits, I believe you would want to go for a detox. In the long run, eating more fruits and vegetables and leading an active, healthy and stress-free life supports your liver health and this way, you are creating good health for years to come 😊.