Almost every diet that one follows involves them cutting down carbs and sugars. The difference with the ketogenic diet is that you are including healthy ingredients to make up for all the huge drops in calories. There are many ways for one to track their keto goal, you can lead a healthy life by adding the best keto collagen MCT powder in your diet. 


The ketogenic diet, as we know, is not a modern art or fleeting fad. It is the earliest way for people to reduce the frequency or even the intensity of the seizures. You can expect to lead a healthy lifestyle following a keto diet. Nowadays, people dealing with epilepsy, acne or skin inflammation, wish to lose weight, manage type 2 diabetes, and are having trouble curbing cravings. The goal is to reach the state called “Ketosis” when following a ketogenic diet- the body relies on ketones instead of carbohydrates. Ketones fuel your body being a type of acid that your liver produces from fat and send into the bloodstream to keep the body energetic. 

A diet with low carbs and high nourishing fats with an adequate amount of protein, help transit your body into fast metabolising mode and use the fat for fuel. With keto powder, you can expect to move at a fast pace towards ketosis. Each scoop of powder entails a special formula and flavour that also includes MCTs (Medium-chain Triglycerides) that are known for being rich in healthy fats derived from palm and coconut oil. 

Other kinds include Ketone BHB, one of the three ketones that your body creates when running on fats to fuel your body. Being a supplement, it helps speed up the process of metabolizing ketones and reduce any symptoms of ‘keto flu’- that can hit beginners with nausea, brain fog, cravings, irritability, and sore muscles.

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Coco Earth keto shake supports and increases the fat burning goal to achieve the health goals. Exogenous BHB and MCT in the keto powder help you stay in ketosis rapidly in the body to burn fat. Our product comes with BHB, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts that help improve the overall ketone level in the bloodstream. BHB helps the body’s fuelling procedure via nutritional ketosis and delivers sustained energy for great mental and physical performance.

You can buy keto shake powder and follow a healthy diet that will help rejuvenate your skin, hair and nails, replenish your body’s reducing collagen and restore the moisture of your skin and hair. 

We at CocoEarth strive to help people lead a balanced lifestyle. You can explore our new and exciting gourmet range where each product is created using superfood and coconut.