Medium-Chain Triglycerides have played an essential role in the industry of food and beverage for many years but their usage has sure hit the sky in the last few years. More and more consumers are looking for whole foods and healthy fat for weight loss and to keep the body filled with nutrition. Having low-carb and macro-nutrients is another reason for MCT growth in the food industry. MCT or Medium-Chain Triglycerides, metabolize quite faster than other fatty acids that offer energy without being stored as fat. They also provide amazing health benefits being a popular dietary supplement that have the potential to grow in the future.

Let’s understand what Medium-Chain Triglycerides are…

Many don’t know, Triglycerides is a chemical agent that is composed of a glycerol backbone and three fatty acids. They have a different number of carbon atoms, forming an aliphatic tail that determines the kind of triglyceride. LCTs (Long-Chain Triglycerides) are the most common dietary fat having about 13 to 21 carbons in each tail.

What Are the Health Benefits of MCTs and MCT Oil?

MCT and MCT oil are popular as health food and dietary supplement due to the many health benefits that they have to offer. Additional to that, they are a quick source of energy, MCT oil help in weight loss, aid in digestive illnesses, and improvise brain functioning.

What are the benefits of MCTs and MCTs Oil?

  • Maintain Healthy weight loss Management: MCT & MCT oil has healthy compounds that help in weight loss and management. In comparison to LCTs, MCTs have fewer calories but help increase the feeling of fullness in the body by simply reducing appetite. They have the ability to burn fat more rapidly, reduce the accumulation of fat, and prevent obesity.


  • Better Exercise Performance: They help increase energy levels and aid in burning fat, MCT boost your exercise performance, especially for bodybuilders and athletes. Consuming MCT oil before performing lead to better activity and workouts, increasing muscle mass while reducing body fat.
  • Boost Gut Health: You should know that MCTs help improves Gut health by simply removing or eliminating harmful bacteria from the body without affecting good bacteria in your gut. MCTs, prevent fat indigestion and diarrhoea.
  • Less Risk of Diabetes: MCT is really beneficial especially for those who are struggling with diabetes. They help lower your blood sugar levels and boost insulin sensitivity. Better insulin sensitivity plays an essential factor in preventing diabetes in those who are at risk.

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