Exclusive and most elite offering by CocoEarth, Liquid Coconut Oil (LCO), is not like any other coconut oil. We have extracted the healthiest part of Coconut Oil to make Liquid Premium Coconut Oil. Its numerous benefits, superior quality, and delightful taste will surpass your regular virgin coconut oil. How? See for yourself:

EASYEasy to metabolise Coconut Oil

DNAContains Lauric Acid

InkTrans fat free

funnel1Expeller Pressed


Healthiest part of Coconut Oil

lco-coconut25 * 500ml Coconuts = 500ml LCPO

water1Always Stays Liquid

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LCO Coconut Oil Bottle

Imagine an oil that is healthier than all traditional cooking oils. Well, it is coconut oil.

Liquid Coconut Oil has no cholesterol, is trans fat free and has no harmful saturated fatty acids. It contains more MCTs than all other cooking oils. People around the world are switching to coconut oil for the maximum content of MCTs in this oil. MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) strengthen your bones and immunity, provide materials for building resilient cells, supplies vital ketones to keep your brain sharp, increases metabolism, and provides a quick natural energy. Result – a focused brain and healthy, fit body

No Pesticides

Imagine a coconut oil that is even better & convenient than your regular virgin coconut oil. Well, it is Liquid Coconut Premium Oil.

Our Liquid Coconut Oil has 4X more healthy MCTs than regular virgin coconut oil. One 500 ml bottle of Liquid Coconut Oil is made from 25 selected organically grown matured coconuts and is 100% pure. With no chemicals, preservatives, solvents, acids, pesticides, trans-fatty acids, unhealthy saturated fats, cholesterol, and hexanes, be sure to get only the first-rate subtle coconut flavour in your kitchen.


Imagine a coconut oil that can be your perfect partner in kitchen. Well, it is Liquid Coconut Oil.

Liquid Coconut Oil remains liquid and intact even in cooler temperatures, making it a perfect choice for sautéing, frying, baking, salad dressing, and grilling in the kitchen. This 100% non-GMO coconut oil doesn’t get rancid, is free of cholesterol and any added chemicals and preservatives. Thus, it is convenient to use and easy to digest.

Skin Care

Imagine a coconut oil that can work wonders in your beauty regimen . Well, it is Liquid Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is also a superior oil for skin care, hair care and personal care. It can work wonders as a skin moisturizer, face make-up remover, hair mask, lip balm, after-shower lotion, and shaving oil. Its liquid property, even in winters, will help you perform all coconut oil beauty hacks with ease.


Imagine a oil that contains Lauric Acid. Only contains Healthy MCTs ( Carpic ,Caprylic & Lauric )

Coconut oil is the single best source of lauric acid. Lauric acid in coconut oil is benefical to kill harmful microorganisms. During digestion of lauric acid, a substance called monolaurin is formed. lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi