With the immense popularity of low carb diets such as the Keto diet and Atkins diet, more and more people are loving the benefits of low carbohydrate and high-fat diets. Although consuming a diet with high fat plays a huge role in most low carb diet plans, however not all fats are created in an equal manner. While some are saturated or Trans fats, which contribute to heart-related diseases, many are monounsaturated fats and MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides) that serve as a healthy source to fuel your body. Since MCTs are commonly consumed as MCT power and MCT oil, many wonder which one is better. 

MCT oil is made from MCT acids such as palm oil or coconut oil, although there are four types of MCTs, capric and Caprylic acid is the most commonly found in MCT oil. They also have a low smoke point, which may not be suitable for cooking at 350°F or more. However, MCT Powder is derived from the MCT oil that was introduced in the market in recent years. They consist of about 50% to 80% of MCT powder and the remaining are just ingredients consisting of milk protein and carbohydrates. You can rely on the best keto collagen MCT powder that we offer at Coco earth. 

It should be noted that MCT powder entails cheap fillers and sweeteners, which are not designed to keep costs low. This means you must only buy MCT powder for the keto diet from a company that you trust.

What is the difference between MCT oil & MCT powder?

MCT powder is considered to be convenient, especially when compared to MCT oil. They are light in weight and found in single-serve packages that make a perfect on-the-go powder. You can add MCT powder to the smoothie and protein shake. Like any oil, MCT oil tends to cause some digestive issues in some people while powder doesn’t. The side effects include nausea, diarrhea, and even an upset stomach. This is why those who choose MCT oil, are often required to work up to using a full serving of the oil allowing their body to take time to adjust. Many prefer MCT powder to avoid digestive problems but it also takes some time. You can consider keto meal replacement shake powder to let your body absorb as much as possible to boost ketone production.

Whether you choose to intake MCT oil or MCT powder, your body will experience numerous health benefits as a result of ingesting healthy fats. We at Coco earth bring you a range of premium quality products ideal for the keto and paleo diet.