CocoEarth aims to inspire a balanced lifestyle so that food enthusiasts can explore, experience,and enjoy our new and exciting gourmet range. Cocoearth products are created from the superfood, coconut, and help people to enjoy the all-natural goodness of coconuts.



To promote organic, ethical, and sustainable coconut farming, distribution, and consumption.

OUR Mission

CocoEarth seeks to empower people to lead happier and healthier lives. Our Business model ,right from working closely with sustainable coconut farming to finished products,supports this mission of our company.

  • We help bring social, spiritual, and financial benefits to coconut farmers by sustaining their farming efforts. We have full control of the supply chain, and we bring in the market the purest, freshest, and healthiest of coconut-based products.
  • The Australian owned CocoEarth makes sure that organic farming of coconuts results into the best-tasting coconut products, which you can enjoy year long. Hence, you get to enjoy the tree-to- shelf organic products with minimal human disruption, which are pure, natural, and fresh.
  • The complete range of coconut products come with the guarantee of purity. Organically grown coconuts are used as ingredients in our products that are free of any preservatives, chemicals, gluten, trans-fatty acids, hexanes, solvents, and cholesterol.
  • CocoEarth is committed to providing our business partners, associates, and customers with coconut-based products that are both pure and fairly priced. We, thus, aspire to build a community of individuals who are health-conscious.
  • Our unique range of exciting coconut-based products are packaged in easy-to- use and carry recyclable glass jars, bottles, and sachets. These are designed with minimalistic aesthetics and are fit to become a part of modern, healthy lifestyle.