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Energy Crave-Bullet MCT Coffee Shot Sports Bar

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  • Australian Owned | Australian Quality Guarantee
  • Vegan-Friendly | Completely Gluten Free | No added sugar | Rich in Fibre
  • Contains Zero-Caffeine
  • Fuel for your Brain & Body | If you love coffee, you will fall for this Energy Crave bar
  • Prepared from – Dates, Buckwheat, Coffee extract, Hazelnuts, Cashews, Organic MCT oil
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Product Description


What is Energy Crave- Bullet MCT Coffee Shot Sports Bar?

Energy Crave Bar is best in class Bullet MCT Coffee Shot Bar

Bullet MCT Coffee Shot Bar

made from Plant-based natural ingredients only that helps in taking care of your nutrient requirements and on bonus it is delicious for your taste buds as well.

Why our Energy Crave Sports Bar is best in class?

Energy Crave Bar is handmade from plant-based ingredients and cold pressed(No nasties added) that has no added sugar in it. 

  • Vegan-friendly Bar 
  • Handmade & Cold-pressed- No Nasties or sugar added
  • Gluten Free & MSG Free
  • Rich in Fibre
  • Easy to consume
  • Made from Natural Ingredients only.
What are benefits of Energy Crave Sports Bar?

CocoEarth’s Energy Crave Sports Bar is made from all natural plant-based ingredients> It has several great advantages including:

  • It can be consumed as Snacks between meals 
  • Energy Crave sports bar is really easy to consume 
  • Sports Bar can be great for workout support
  • A quick boost of energy and endurance 
  • Easy to carry for cycling, camping, tracking or other activities 
What are ingredients in Energy Crave Sports Bar?

Ingredient– Dates, Buckwheat, Raw Cacao, Cacao Nibs, Organic Coconut, Hazelnuts, Cashews, Organic Coconut Syrup, Coco Earth Organic MCT Oil (1%), Coffee Extract (4%), Himalayan Salt

Note– It also contains Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame, Occasional nutshell  or Pit pieces

FAQ- Does Energy Crave Bullet MCT Coffee Shot Sports Bar has any Caffeine in it?

Zero -caffeine, Energy Crave Sports bar has no caffeine in it.

Storage- Store in a cool dry place with a relative humidity of <50%

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