Premium Liquid Coconut Oil (250ml x 8 Pack)


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small-cocoMade from fresh-picked Organic Coconuts.
  • Make the healthier tastier choice – a healthier alternative to traditional cooking oils.
  • Super rich with MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Enriched with most healthiest MCTs.
  • Easy to metabolize and works as a clean & quick energy source.
  • Perfect for Stir-Frying, Baking, Grilling, and Salad Dressing. It can also be added to Coffee & Smoothies.
  • Vegan & Keto diet friendly. As it is very low on carbs, it can help you to get into and stay in Ketosis.
  • Non-GMO, Free from pesticides, gluten, cholesterol, harmful saturated and trans fatty acids.


Proudly exclusive and authentic offering by CocoEarth, Liquid Coconut Premium Oil (LCPO) is just not any other coconut oil. It contains 4x healthier Medium Chain Fatty Acids than regular virgin coconut oil of similar size. It contains Lauric Acid, that helps fight pathogens. Thus, it is your healthy and fit pick of cooking oil for sautéing, baking, frying, and dressing. What’s more – it always remains its liquidity and never loses its fresh and subtle coconut aroma and taste.

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