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Premium Liquid Coconut Oil 250ml

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Made from fresh picked Organic Coconuts.
  • ALWAYS STAYS LIQUID. Make the healthier tastier choice – a healthier alternative to traditional cooking oils.
  • Contains more than 90% MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides. Enriched with most healthiest MCTs (C8,  C10)
  • Easy to metabolize and works as a clean & quick energy source.
  • Perfect for Stir Frying, Baking, Grilling and Salad Dressing. Can also be added to Coffee & Smoothies.
  • Vegan & Keto diet friendly. As it is very low on carbs, it can help you to get into and stay in Ketosis.
  • Non GMO, Free from pesticides, gluten, cholesterol, harmful saturated and trans fatty acids.

Product Description

What is used in Liquid Coconut Oil?

Liquid Coconut Oil is the potent part of the coconut oil that contains more than 90% of healthy fatty acids known as Medium Chain Triglycerides(MCTs). Unlike Virgin Coconut Oil, Liquid Coconut Oil doesn’t get solidify at room temperature.

How is CocoEarth’s Liquid Coconut Oil different?

Our Liquid Coconut Oil is Expeller Pressed and Premium Quality Liquid Oil. It is best in class Liquid Coconut Oil with:

  • Proudly Australian Owned
  • More than 90% Medium Chain Triglycerides (mcts) which makes it 4x healthier than traditional Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Expeller Pressed which means No Chemical, Nasties or Solvents are added into it
  • Always Stay Liquid 
  • Made from 100% pure Organically Grown Coconuts
  • Enriched with healthiest fatty acids
  • Contains no Pesticides, Gluten & Cholesterol
  • Retains subtle Coconut Flavour
  • Doesn’t contain harmful saturated and trans fatty acids
Is Liquid Coconut Oil Good for health?

Yes, Liquid Coconut Oil is good for health because it contains only MCTs(no lauric acid) which doesn’t get stored in the body but instead turns into instant energy. Liquid Coconut Oil may have a number of health benefits including:

  • Helps Weight Loss
  • Improves Digestion
  • Help Protecting Heart Health
  • Kill Harmful Micro-organism
  • Protect Skin, Hair and Dental Health
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Boost Cognitive Brain Function in Alzheimer Patients
What can Liquid Coconut Oil be used for?

Liquid Coconut Oil is an excellent companion for a healthy lifestyle. It can be:

  • Excellent for Dressings(Keto Diet)
  • Used as Healthy Cooking Oil
  • Add to Smoothies(Keto Diet). Add to your Keto Coffee 
  • Add to Dips & Sauces
  • Used for Baking & Sautéing
  • Good for Skin Care & Haircare, Excellent base oil/carrier oil for essential oils or aromatherapy, massage etc
What is CocoEarth’s Liquid Coconut Oil made of?

Ingredients: 100% Coconut Oil(Potent part of Coconut Oil)

FAQ: Are chemicals added in the making of  Liquid Coconut Oil?

No Chemicals, hexane, solvents or other nasties are added in CocoEarth’s Liquid Coconut Oil. It is expeller-pressed which means it contains only 100% Pure Coconut Oil.

How to store Liquid Coconut Oil?

Store it in Cool and Dry Place away from Direct Sunlight.

Additional Information

Weight.250 kg

36 reviews for Premium Liquid Coconut Oil 250ml

  1. Nadine Hamilton

    Thank you guys for such a high quality product. I love cooking with it. I especially love it for my dōTERRA Roller bottle blends. I highly recommend this product �

  2. Chandana Reddy

    I switched to liquid premium coconut oil after hearing about how it’s stays liquid even in cold climate and it’s multipurpose usage. The oil has proven to be very beneficial for me personally.

  3. Linda Newnham

    I love the liquid coconut oil and use it all the time!! I will now be looking for the coconut oil cubes as this seems like a really great idea!! No more trying to spoon solid coconut oil out of a jar!

  4. Kim Hardacre

    Fabulous easy to use coconut oil. Works beautifully as an oil to cook with with no overpowering taste and the fact is doesn’t solidify is great

  5. Lisa A Wright

    I love the versatility of this product, it stays a liquid, using it in dressings, baking, massage as a carrier oil and Cooking with it every day!

  6. Narelle Blacket

    This oil makes my life so much easier while cooking! Especially in the cooler weather when my normal coconut oil is rock hard! An easier, healthier option all around!

  7. Racheal Sutic

    Fantastic versatile product! I use it in my cooking and as a carrier oil for my Essential Oils!

  8. Wendy Sleep

    Love CocoEarth oil for its liquid consistency , non coconutty flavour, and diversity of uses from baking , roasting , salads and making my own home diy products , I like to add it when making my own Bathbombs and also use it to dilute essential oils with from Doterra for massage and roller ball applications .. look out for it when is on special is definitely worth the money. ~RainbowRavensNook~ � �

  9. Melissa Pagliarulo

    Love this product! Such great concentrated nutritional value! I use this in all my cooking but also as a carrier for my essential oils! The fragrance and flavour is so mild it won’t overpower anything! We go through bottles and bottles of this stuff! I have even been known to rub it directly into a patch of dry skin!

  10. Mathias Merkel

    Great that the coconut oil is actually liquid. I got bored always heating up the solid oil for my salads.

  11. Michelle Hinton

    Great product. Beautiful clean taste.

  12. Angie Wong

    Smells lovely, love the product!

  13. Karen Parker

    Looks good and am very excited to try it out!

  14. Jian Li Nootz Wall

    Liquid coconut oil great in coffee

  15. Joyce Camilleri

    Excellent product love it best oil I’ve ever tried.

  16. Chantel Packer

    Excellent product, taste isn’t overpowering like some other coconut oils. Great deal at the #goodfoodandwinefestivalmelbourne

  17. Danny Kim

    Best coconut oil out there

  18. David Bailey

    Stay liquid forever and tastes soo smooth. Highly recommended

  19. Josephine Lynch

    The oil tasted delicious, can’t wait to use it!!!

  20. Monika Lewis

    Fantastic proud which i use un baking and general cooking without a strong coconut taste

  21. Michelle McLachlan

    Thanks for your advice I am on the right track with the best liquid coconut oil

  22. Tom Lin

    Smells just like coconut!

  23. Joss Keep

    love Liquid coconut oil:::::

  24. Mherz Olivia Maries

    love it, it is amazing products great for everything

  25. Megan Stuart

    loved product.

  26. Renata Bazarain

    Got their products during City2Surf expo and love it. The purest coconut oil I ever tasted and the amino sauce was amazing!!

  27. Angela Soriano

    Love the coconut oil. I use it for cooking, skin, hair and even oil pulling (teeth cleaning) Definitely recommend this product. 🙂

  28. Amani Toube

    great oil! use it for my Essential Oil blend!

  29. Khaleel Gareebo

    Amazing premium coconut oil

  30. Vidushi Dua

    Great product. Healthy for cooking!

  31. Jo Oneill

    what a lovely product so tasty and healthy.

  32. Nishtha Sukhija

    beautiful flavor… perfect for cooking any cuisine…. strongly recommend… 😊

  33. Richard Charles Jordan

    awesome coconut oil really liked it

  34. Vincent Adillon

    The liquid coconut is an amazing product I use it everyday I just love it!
    Highly recommend it thank you

  35. Yaz Boroja

    Liquid coconut oil -Simply amazing

  36. Aspen

    The item is of first-rate quality and in good packaging.Thank you Coco Earth.

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