2 x 500mL Neuro Octane Oil® – Pure C8 Caprylic MCT Oil (NOOTROPIC)


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  • Pure C8 (Caprylic) Neuro Octane MCT Oil for Brain
  • Smart fuel for your BRAIN – Excellent for Mental Clarity, Focus & More
  • Prepared from Organically grown coconuts | No nasties or chemical added at all
  • KETO, PALEO diet friendly – Boosts fat-burning
  • Completely unflavoured/tasteless – Mix with Coffee, Tea, Smoothies, shakes & more


What is Neuro Octane Oil ( Pure C8 Caprylic Octane oil for Brain)?

Coco Earth  Neuro Octane Oil ( NOOTropic) is Pure C8 MCT (Caprylic acid) from organically grown coconuts. Our Octane Oil is a smart fuel for your brain and has a number of benefits. It helps with boosting Cognitive brain functioning, focus, mental clarity and more.  It is completely unflavoured & tasteless.

Pure C8 (Caprylic acid)

is the most efficient MCT ( medium Chaintriglyceride) which doesn’t get stored in the body but instead turns into instant energy. Our Octane Oil for Brain has pure C8 (Caprylic acid) MCT and have a number of health benefits such as:

  • Supporting Cognitive Brain functioning
  • Help with staying focused
  • Supports Mental Clarity & reducing brain fog
  • Keto, Paleo & Vegan diet-friendly product.
How to use Neuro Octane Oil?

Neuro Octane Oil is an excellent companion for a healthy lifestyle. Mix it with –

  • NOO Bullet Coffee : Blend Neuro Octane Oil & Ghee Butter with your Coffee
  • Smoothies or Shakes 
  • Add with Salad Dressing and Marinades
  • Add to Dips & Sauces
What is CocoEarth’s Neuro Octane Oil made of?

Ingredients: Pure C8 Caprylic MCT from Coconut Oil

FAQ: Are chemicals added in the making of  Neuro Octane Oil?

No Chemicals, hexane, solvents or other nasties are added in CocoEarth’s Neuro Octane Oil. 

How to store Neuro Octane Oil?

Store it in Cool and Dry Place away from Direct Sunlight.

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