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NOO Bullet Coffee Pack | Pure C8 & Ghee


Take your coffee to the next level with Coco Earth’s Noo Bullet Coffee Pack. This Pack comes with –

1.  Pure Caprylic C8 Neuro Octane Oil : A Nootropic dietary supplement, smart fuel for Brain. It provides quick clean energy for Brain and helps with Cognitive Brain Functions.

2. Grass-fed Ghee Butter : Adds delicious creamy texture to the Coffee

The perfect way to start your day with NOO Bullet coffee ( Keto ). Just blend these two with your Coffee and stay energized.

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Product Description

Our NOO Bullet Coffee Pack comes with Pure C8 Caprylic Neuro Octane Oil & Grass-fed Ghee Butter. Blend these two with your coffee & stay super-charged. Having NOOBullet Coffee in the morning also helps with appetite control. Take your morning coffee to the next level and make it bulletproof.

In the Pack you get:

1.  Pure Caprylic C8 Neuro Octane Oil :Our Ketogenic Neuro Octane Oil is  Smart Fuel for Brain. It helps with Cognitive Brain Functions – such as mental clarity, reducing brain fog, focus & more. Pure C8 in Neuro Octane Oil is derived from coconuts only. It is Vegan, Paleo diet-friendly as well. 

2. Grass-Fed Ghee (Clarified Butter ) : An Ancient Superfood, Lactose-free & Casein-Free Grass-fed Ghee Butter is a rich source of Healthy Fats with Zero Carbs and it comes with a very high Smoke Point of 250C.  

Note: If you are pregnant, experiencing any health condition or taking any medication then please consult your doctor before consuming products.

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1x 250ml Neuro Octane Oil + 1 x 250ml Ghee Butter, 1x500ml Neuro Octane Oil + 2x250ml Ghee Butter


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