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CocoEarth Grass-Fed Ghee Butter

CocoEarth Grass-Fed Ghee Butter is made through an indigenous (desi) method which involves unsalted butter(makkhan) being slowly heated until the moisture gets evaporated & impurities are physically filtered. It is free from Lactose & Casein Free and comes in BPA-free packaging.

Our Ghee is rich in MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Vitamins-A, D, E & K that are fat-soluble, Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, and antioxidants that make it really good for health.

CocoEarth Ghee Butter comes with a very high smoke point -> 250°C which makes it suitable for healthy cooking, Frying (deep & shallow), Baking, Roasting, Sautéing or coffee creamer

With Zero carbs and rich with MCTs, Ghee is perfect for Keto Diet. Give it a try with your Keto Coffee. Ghee Butter is also Paleo Diet friendly. Know more..

Liquid Coconut Oil

Proudly exclusive and authentic offering by CocoEarth, Liquid Coconut Oil (LPCO) is just not any other coconut oil. It contains 4X healthier Medium Chain Fatty Acids than regular virgin coconut oil of similar size. It contains Lauric Acid, that helps fight pathogens. Thus, it is your healthy and fit pick of cooking oil for sautéing, baking, frying, and dressing. What’s more – it always remains in liquidity and never loses its fresh and subtle coconut aroma and taste. Know more..

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Coco Earth MCT powder

MCT Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fibre 

Coco Earth MCT powder is a super-rich with healthy MCTs ( Medium Chain Triglycerides – C8 & C10). Completely unflavoured MCT powder comes with Prebiotic Acacia fibre which is good for GUT Health. It is Keto & Paleo diet friendly product with Zero Net Carb – helps you to get into & stay in Ketosis.

MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are the healthy fats that rapidly get absorbed & quickly convert into energy. A power fuel for your Brain & body, our Ketogenic MCT powder is a natural source of clean & quick energy which helps you to stay energized. It is completely unflavoured & easy to blend. Works excellent as a non-dairy creamer. Add it your coffee, smoothies, shakes & recipes.

Coco Earth MCT Powder is completely free from gluten, soy, maltodextrin & preservatives.

The Juggernaut’ Coconut MCT Oil

Prepared from organically grown Coconuts The Juggernaut MCT Oil is completely unflavored dietary supplement that works as a Power Fuel for Body & Mind. Our MCT oil only contains beneficial healthy fats MCTs (Caprylic & Capric acids). Extremely low carbs in The Juggernaut Unflavored MCT oil makes it highly Ketogenic friendly. This will not only help to get into but also support to stay in Ketosis.

‘The Juggernaut’ Coconut MCT Oil is not only free from Gluten & hexane but also is Non-GMO and Non-hydrogenated. Include it as a dietary supplement in your healthy lifestyle by adding in your Coffee, Salads, Shakes or other beverages on the go.

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Coco Earth Neuro Octane Oil 500ml

Neuro Octane Oil – 100% C8 ( NOOtropic)

Here is a smart fuel for you brain – Neuro Octane Oil (Nootropic). Our Neuro Octane oil has 100% c8, which helps you to stay energized and focussed. Completely flavourless & tasteless Neuro Octane oil is a natural energy source for your brain and is ketogenic & also paleo diet friendly. Simply add it to your coffee, smoothies, shakes or recipe. Prepared from the most potent part of coconut, it is gluten-free, hexane-free with no chemical or preservatives at all.

Organic Coconut MCT Oil

We extracted the potent & healthiest part of coconut oil to make our ACO Certified Organic Coconut MCT oil. We have eliminated the undesired fatty acids to ensure the final product retains only unique healthy fats (MCTs) also known as C8 & C10.

Wondering what is MCT?? Well, Medium Chain Triglycerides (Caprylic & Capric acids) are the healthy fatty acids that are rapidly absorbed and quickly converted into energy rather than stored as fat. This unique quality makes them  Ketogenic diet friendly.  So go ahead, add CocoEarth Organic Coconut MCT oil as a part of your Keto diet plan – mix with Salad as dressing, Coffee, Shakes or Yogurt and enjoy the health benefits. What’s more – it is also Thermogenic, Paleo & Vegan diet friendly.

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Organic Coconut Vinegar

Coconut Vinegar is created by allowing the sap of coconut flowers ferment naturally for the period of up to 1 year. With plenty of health benefits, it can help strengthen your immune system and keep your digestion alive. Pour it on your salads, sauces, and marinades for an extra bite. Coconut Vinegar, when added to the beauty regimen, can also help you achieve shiny locks and clear skin.

Small CocoMade from fresh picked organic coconuts.

ChemContains 17 healthy amino acids & minerals.

Small-MedalConsidered far better than apple cider vinegar.

ENERGY CRAVE Bullet MCT Coffee Shot

Feeling tired and looking for power fuel for your body that comes with healthy nutrients and is also tasty at the same time? Well, CocoEarth Energy Crave Bullet MCT Coffee shot is just perfect for you.  With goodies from Dates, Hazelnut, Buckwheat Coconut & Organic MCT oil, it is not only the source of healthy nutrients & energy but it also takes care of your taste buds. If you love coffee, you will fall for this Energy bar. This best in class Bullet MCT Coffee shot bar is Vegan friendly and has a long shelf life of 18 months.

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KICK START Plant Based Vegan Protein Bar

Looking for quick way to get the important nutrients, Protein and energy for your daily need? CocoEarth brings KICK START Plant Based Protein Vegan bar for you.  Prepared from Plant Protein (Pea, Rice), Organic Cacao & Coconut, & Himalayan Salt – KICK START Vegan Protein bar is a rich source of essential nutrients – Protein, Dietary Fibre and sodium. Its completely Gluten free and comes with a long  shelf life of 18 months.

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