Most meal replacement shakes, you may not know, are far from Keto-friendly. They usually include high-sugar content fruits and carb-full dairy items that are enough to slow down your weight loss progress. However, it is advised not to let these high-carb options distract you from thinking that meal replacement shakes are a no-go. You are just a few ingredients away from cutting the unnecessary carbs from cutting carbs and enjoying a delicious shake that will keep you filled throughout the day.

You can try our COCO Earth products, we offer Keto meal replacement shake powder that will help you make your meal healthier and delicious.

What is the best Keto meal replacement shake for a weight loss program? 

Since there are numerous Keto meal replacement shake powders available in the market, the ideal option is to make it yourself. Over time, you will adjust the protein, fat, and carb content based on the nutrient goals. When using a pre-made replacement product, you may find yourself stuck with the macronutrient ingredients. You can purchase our products that contain coconut oil, MCT oil, and grass-fed protein, and more.

Reasons why to use meal replacement shakes.

Meal replacement shakes are a hassle-free way to enjoy a satisfying Keto meal in ten minutes or even less. This makes an ideal recipe for times when you don’t have enough energy or time to cook. They are easier to customise and make considering your preferences, you can change the fat content, flavour, and can even make it into a freezer-friendly meal. 

Keto meal replacement shake powder

Ways to customize your Keto Meal replacement shake.

Add more Fat: You can blend one tablespoon of Keto oil at a time, MCT oil is an ideal option since they don’t have much flavour and can improve your ketone levels.

Shake Too Thick: You can add a genuine amount of Keto-friendly liquid. Use heavy cream or oil, if you like extra fat. However, to reduce the added fat, you can stick with water or even low-calorie milk.

Shake too thin: If you feel like your meal is too thin, add more avocado or nut butter to thicken up.

Add Protein: If you wish to make your meal filled with protein, add a scoop or two of collagen or protein powder of your choice. You can enjoy the meal but don’t worry it will not add many carbs.

With so many different ways to consume a healthy Keto meal, there is no reason why you should not add meal replacement shake powder to your diet. You can buy Keto supplements in Australia at COCO EARTH at the best price.

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