Coffee is the most popular beverage, besides water. A common myth surrounding coffee is that you can’t have it on a keto diet. Busting this myth, we are sharing a coffee recipe that is healthy, refreshing, and pleasant; making it a keto-friendly drink, by all means.

To make coffee all the more healthy, this recipe contains collagen powder. Are you wondering what the role of collagen powder is, in this coffee recipe? Collagen powder is a great supplement for various reasons!

What are the health benefits of collagen?

  • Collagen when added to the diet, replaces what the body naturally lost due to aging.
  • It is rich in protein content and is easy to digest.
  • Collagen helps boost the elasticity of the skin and gives wrinkle-free, youthful skin.
  • It also helps relieve joint pains.
  • Collagen supplements are also known to help improve Gut Health.
  • Other than helping with bone health, collagen also helps with heart health.

Collagen In Your Coffee? A Scientist Says Forget It - Texas A&M Today

Collagen constitutes about 80% of your skin. It is the most plentiful form of protein in your body. For certain roles of the body, it is important. If you don’t consume sufficient proteins, your hair, nails, skin and metabolism may be problematic. Either you consume more food rich in collagen or you should take supplements of collagen in one form or the other. Our trusted option is the CocoEarth Vanilla Keto Shake (BHB Ketones+ Collagen + MCT). It is a powerful combination made with healthy ingredients.

Today, with the addition of collagen and ice we’ll render the coffee even healthier and more comfortable. For summer and any warm day, it’s perfect and cool.

Iced Collagen Coffee Recipe

  • Add in CocoEarth Vanilla Keto Shake to a Chilled cup of coffee. 
  • Blend the two. 
  • Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, pour the prepared collagen-coffee mixture. 
  • Add some heavy cream on top and serve fresh.

If you like your coffee sweet, add some stevia or monk fruit to it. Also, you can opt for some sprinkles of cocoa or cinnamon. Another addition to this could be CocoEarth Ketogenic MCT POWDER with Prebiotic Fiber, this will enhance both, the taste and texture of the coffee.

Keto coffee is a boon for health-conscious coffee lovers. You can whip up amazing coffee by adding ingredients such as CocoEarth Grass-Fed Ghee Butter and CocoEarth Organic Coconut MCT Oil to freshly brewed coffee.

At first, it can seem strange to add butter to your coffee, but the benefits of adding butter make it all worth it! It is worth creating daily, given the lasting caffeine energy it imparts, a fat potion to keep you feeling full, and a rich, satisfying taste.

Keto coffee, such as this bulletproof coffee with butter, is a wonderful complement to every Ketogenic food schedule. It is great as a snack companion or a substitute for a regular meal when you have no time to prepare a meal!