Evidence Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Extract

Evidence Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Extract

There is no doubt that coconut oil is one of the popular oils that offers numerous benefits. It is found in almost all skincare and hair care products, and many use it for cooking. Coconut, irrespective of its name, is not a nut but a single seed fruit that offers ample advantages to our body, mind, and soul. You can drink coconut water to stay hydrated, use the oil as a moisturiser, or take a spoonful to bake or cook a delicious meal. There is nothing like virgin coconut oil since it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

The reason why many prefer coconut-based products is that they entail all the goodness your body requires to lead a healthy life. With the increase in consumer demand for plant-based food, coconut oil sure has gained popularity for its rich flavour and coconut aroma.

Below listed are some evidence-based health benefits that will are enough to help you understand why they are wonderful:

Source of MCT Acids: Unlike other dietary oils, coconut oil is different since it entails MCFAs (Medium-Chain Fatty Acids). This means they are made up of a chain of 6 to 12 carbon atoms helping you digest the oil and influencing your body. You can buy coconut MCT oil at Coco Earth and add it to your diet.

Has Anti-Microbial And Anti-Inflammatory Properties: About 50% of the MCFA in the oil are called lauric acid, which is known for contributing to anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. This helps one steer clear from any potential infections that may cause them health problems.

Treat Several Skin Conditions: Although there is limited but consistent evidence supporting the topical use of coconut oil, they are known for treating mild cases of skin conditions. This includes dermatitis or rashes, and allergies. Even in the case of psoriasis or eczema, they have shown some improvements in complex skin conditions.

Protect Hair From Damage: Lauric acid found in coconut oil is known for having a high attraction for hair protein. It penetrates inside the hair helping build a strong structure. Coconut oil and products are made from natural ingredients that are beneficial in preventing any hair damage caused by protein loss because of UV exposure and excessive grooming.

Helps in Dental Problems: Oil is a traditional remedy that was once practised in ancient India for maintaining oral health. Now it has gained popularity across the globe due to its efficiency and high benefits. Most studies suggest the practice of using coconut oil or based products since they help prevent dental caries decreasing gingivitis or plaque build-up.  

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Now that we know the benefits, you must be wondering if it is safe for everyone. Well, coconut is safe for most people however, children may experience some allergic reaction to the coconut. If you are planning to lead a weight loss program, adding MCT oil to your diet will support your journey.

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